September 1, 2009

School- START!


Today was the second day of officially being a fashion major!

Why no update yesterday? After all I was plenty excited!


too excited.  My room mate and I weren't able to sleep a wink the night before so on monday we were kind of disfunctional D:
I can't tell you how his day went, but we both chugged some coffee before heading out!

My schedule in no particular order is

Model drawing, pattern drafting, textile science, speech, sophomore studio, fashion illustration and contemporary art studies.

So far I've had pattern drafting, textile science, speech and contemporary art studies.

first impressions:

Pattern drafting: Agh it seemed a little fast paced for me- my head was spinning a little towards the end! Maybe it was just a combo of it being my first class, being already intimidated by drafting patterns and coffee failiure... Seriously, towards the end I really started feeling sick D:! I'm sure it will go better next time x___x

Textile science: It seems at first it will be a lecture class and then later will be the more hands on stuff.  Although the teacher was fairly engaging, running on less then an hour of sleep and two cups I still fell asleep periodically in the beginning... I find it's best if I just let my self conk out inconspicuously for a short time so I'm able to function for the rest of the class.

Contemporary art survey: We didn't go much into the nature of the class, but it seems interesting.  During introductions the fact I wear lolita came up and the teacher asked me to wear a dress to class next week... I hope the weather cools down a little!  As much as I love my meta OP I'd rather wear my new JSK with a blouse for a less infantile first impression. 

Speech: I'm not going to lie, it seemed like a boring class, but the teacher was totally engaging. Anyway I'm not a good speaker and get really nervous when public speaking so it's a good class for me to take.  Also the teacher moved it up so it ends at about 5:30- allthough that means it starts soon after contemporary art survey, I like the change.

Anyway I'm super happy- all my teachers seem really cool<3

Also, I was brain storming saving money ideas and decided to post- they're pretty relevant for any fashionista/impulse buyer :B

- sell old school supplies- I don't know how it works at your college but we have to buy tones of course readers that we won't otherwise use! Better to get money for them even if it's just a fraction of the original price

- carry around water and a snack- It might seem a bit strange if you're go out eating with your friends and you pull out a lunch instead of buying one, but I'm sure they'll understand.  Also if you always have something to drink, you won't get super thirsty and end up splurging on some jamba or starbucks! (trust me, you might start out saying 'oh it's not much' but it adds up pretty quickly)

- share books- again supplies are costly- especially at art school!  If it's possible, find a friend with classes diffrent days then you so you can use just one set of books.  Just make sure they're reliable!

- watch out for bargains- a no brainer- but keep an eye peeled for 10 for 10$ deals at your local super market.  I mean 10 lean cuisines/cans of soup/w/e  looks like a lot of food at first, but you're going to need it!  Also, a note: make sure you buy things you're going to eat- I bought three containers of cottege cheese with pineapple last year on sale only to throw them out... they tasted disgusting!  At Ralphs they have huge bags of potatoes for cheap- if you don't mind a starchy diet, they're a good deal.

- keep an eye on your fridge- last year when I moved out I found a fair ammount of food I'd managed to forget about in the pantry which had to be thrown away. If you're on a tight buget and think you have to make a grocery trip, do a thurough investigation of your cabinets, drawers and fridge.  Make sure to eat things before they expire!

- buy the basics- rice, noodles (not the instant kind!), chicken broth and tortillas are my personal college basics. (yes, how carb concious of me, I'm glad you noticed)  with the addition of one or two simple ingredients they become full meals- also depending what you decide to put in, the cost per meal could be less then 1$

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