December 8, 2009

Another hair dye review...

I was going blonde for awhile so I decided to try out a new dye-

Brand: Punky Color
Color: Alpine Green

Eventhough I've been going for a bright green lately, I wanted to try something diffent-
in the container it pretty much looks like dark green acrylic paint with a hint of blue.

Off the bat it was true to the dye in the container- but now about a week later it looks more blue then anything else!
I really like the color (haha but not on my hair) but I've been getting a lot of comments on it - 'Oooh your hair looks like a peacock!' and 'If Jesus dyed his hair, that's what color he would dye it'
.... thanks? XD I guess that's a pretty high compliment?!

anyway, via shitty webcam, here's what it looks like now:


Because of the yellow lighting, it looks more greenish, but it's really kind of a bright turquoise~ (And of course that streak I left bleached has slowly gradated...)
NOTE: the museum of death ticket- AWWW YEAHHHH

ERmmm it looks like I fucked up the html somehow and that second photo is hidden unless you click the 'read more' link at the bottom or you click to make a comment.

Although it hasn't really faded- it's turning progressively blue. By the way it dyed my bathroom, it should have a decent hold on my hair... @__@ Rinsing my hair with a cup of vinigar the first time after dying it like my friend suggested, helped hold the color in really well last time, so of course I've continued doing it.

In other news I finished a commission for someone~


I was really happy to work with her again~ She was a previous customer who liked the hat I made her and decided to commission me again >3!!!

She emailed me a bunch of photos (Oh I want the veil like this: and it would be nice if you had these feathers: but really just use your judgement) as well as a photo of the dress she wanted to wear it with- SO I pretty much got free reign and it (imho) turned out really nicely <3

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December 7, 2009

Two art shows<3

WHEW last weekend was a busy one!
It's almost finals time-
good news? Counting down less then two weeks 'till winter break-
bad news? SO. MUCH. WORK.

Undaunted, last weekend I took some time off from patterns and ect. to go to the Induced Epidemic exhibition put on by Haute Macabre.
(event info here:

SADLY my ghettotastic camera is far to delicate to take out of the house anymore (current usage? taking pictures of sketches and outfit shots ):), so I don't have any pictures. Anyway, I like to arrive fairly early to things so I got there at 8 sharp- I heard a lot of people showed, but when I was there, it seemed to just be the event coordinators, artists and those who knew them. This was really cool and all but I was just shuffling around checking out the artwork.
(who? me? Ah, no I don't have any work up... so i see everyone else came in a group? That's nice they all know eachother- ah I'm under age, trust me, I'd take the wine if I was allowed)
It's the 'chaos gallery' is pretty much a small room, but the artwork was really intresting. One piece that caught my eye was a series of felted bunny heads that progressively mutated<3

After scrutinizing the exhibition, I headed next door to the Museum of Death. It's small, but much bigger then it looks from the outside, and it's packed with all sorts of interesting artifacts. If you're intrested in the grotesque and macabre, or simply the sort of person who's immune to /b/ and subscribes to wtf_inc, you'd enjoy it. However, some photos (and a preserved head) are fairly graphic, so if you have a weak stomach I'd either be careful what I looked at, or avoid it.

The price of admission to the museum was 15$ (the exhibit was free) and completely worth it to me- I'd also like to note that the museum staff were super nice and friendly :]

On sunday I ended up going to my model drawing teacher's exhibition. It turned out it wasn't only him, but another Otis graduate displaying. It's kind of odd seeing your teacher out of a school context, but as a working professional as well.

His art is super cool so you should check out his website too:

Unrelated- but I hope you guys had a nice loliday! I was busy running around down town LA, so I didn't dress up, but shit happens, you know?

Also, don't stress out too hard on your finals- bake some brownies!

the title doesn't lie- they ARE the best brownies you'll ever eat- and further more, they're super easy to make, and don't include a ton of ingredients you'll never use again :] If you don't have a mixer, I just used a fork to beat the batter and it came out fine.

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November 24, 2009

Sexy ladiesss~

More model drawingggg
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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November 20, 2009

Bats & Cats

SO I didn't end up going to the fashion show on Saturday (had a fun filled time with some of my friends who came down to LA for the weekend instead~ I LOVE YOU GUYS<3!!!)
but I did make it to the goth party at royal tea on Friday :]

What I wore:
Photobucket Photobucket
Blouse: goodwill
Skirt: F+F
Boots: Muro
Head thing: hand made Photobucket the only part of the exhibit that showed up on my super ghetto camera- hahaha I can tell people Lady Gaga was at this too then, right? :'D Photobucket
There's no point in entering a costume contest if Julie's participating :'D (lol this is one of the few snaps of the night that actually came out D:)

And a full body snap that doesn't involve my messy messy room, thanks to Julie~

Sheyne and her boy looking fabulous as always~ Photobucket
Royal Tea was packed- I wish my photos of the line had come out better! Photobucket The Wandering Marionettes- when they walked in I heard a lot of people going 'OMG ARE THOSE THE JABBAWOCKEEZ????! :'D Anyway their costumes were really cool and their dance looked awesomeee~ (sadly I was to the side and didn't get the full effect ;3;~) Photobucket
Part of the special Hello Kitty menu... couldn't resist ;3;~

ANYWAY if you want to see more outfit snaps check out

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November 13, 2009


Honestly I've been putting off the catch up post for a while since there's so much to catch up on D:

ANYWAY in order of oldest to newest things

halloween costume-



(dress by meta- apron + hat by me)

Also, here's my mid term



Honestly the designs are boring, so I just zoomed in on the fashion figures...
speaking of fashion figures, I just finished this weeks illustration project- we were pretty much given only the constraints of 'it has to have 'shine',
and womens swimsuit back and side pose, so I did two suits inspired by french graffitti artist Fafi~ I think it turned out pretty well
but I'll let you guys know what the teacher thinks :'D
(for reference on my mid term I got a B- / C+ - Yikes!)

Last weekend i didn't attend the tea party, but I did go to PMX-


(dress by meta, blouse + boots from goodwill, crown by me)
so now in school I'm like this-


(taken by a classmate- unfortunately photo was not staged ):)

So that's about it, other then practicing fashion heads from diffrent fashion illustrators

Whew- that wasn't so bad~ I'll probably have a bunch to post after this weekend filled with bats, cats and a fashion show~!

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October 31, 2009

Back and other unrelatedness

Ugh it's been SO LONG without an update...
Anyway my laptop died a couple weeks ago and I just bought a replacement in the last couple of days- I've been pretty busy with school too though.
Of course I have a bunch of stuff to post, and I was about to do a series of posts that were halloween themed, but the material I had was on the old laptop so... perhaps next year :'D
Also I removed the Doe Deere/Lime Crime blog from the blog roll because it seems like Xenia is deep in some shady business indeed. haha if you didn't feel like reading through the links, basically theres a substantial amount of evidence that Lime Crime is just repackaging ready made eyeshadow and marking it up OVER 9000 DOLLARS :'D
of course I don't know any of this 'first hand' because I'm not too into makeup and haven't ordered any of her products before, but I figured I'd give a warning to people who were thinking about purchasing from her :] It seems like a lot of times there are scammers who are fairly well known in bjd fandom/makeup/ some other community that are able to get away with stuff simply because most lolitas aren't part of those other communities and don't recognize them.

SO asside from that shiz- who else is going out for halloween? I sewed up my costume a couple weeks ago so I should have some pretty decent photos later :]

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October 7, 2009

Hot mens and a hair cut :D

Sorry I haven't updated in almost a week- I've been busy though!


MMM nothing says glamorous life of a fashion student like 1 AM pattern drafting :D~



And here's the illustration project that was due next week- it's a shame I didn't get a close up of the bitch boots, but the teacher really dug the tattoo :]

(this week the assignment is striped spandex swimsuits from a back view- oh my!)

also- outfit snap from last friday! I don't know if anyone caught it- but I gave myself a bob the night before! (I should probably go see someone to even out the back though...)



That red jacket is one of my favs~ The skirt, jacket and blouse are all from goodwill!


and sadly... there's no way I can afford the Nightmare Before Christmas x Metamorphose colab, so I drew it :B

Someone posted scans of the pamphlet from Miyavi's current tour here at jrock scans and it is gorgeous! (you have to be a member to see-

here's some previews though!





SERIOUSLY considering buying it if/when he comes to LA!

Bitch is fierceeeeeeeeeee~!

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October 2, 2009

Fuck yeah fridays

PRETTY MUCH like 'Things I love Thursdays' except for it being one day late and involving more 4 letter words :]

(haha real reason it's not on thursday? I'm usually pulling an all nighter for fashion illustration on Friday)

Anyway here we go-

- High fashion photo shoot meets... gundams. Do you get it? Nope? Don't worry- neither do I, but the photography is quite nice.

- Alice Auaa now available at Marui One!

- Supperate System now offering 10500 yen luckypacks! (Value is estimated at around 20000!)

- Milanoo is having a sale on some of their lolita clothing-  Note- pictures on that site are very obviously stolen, but girls have ordered from there and been happy with the  result.  Personally, I'd just avoid ordering anything that puts a focus on or contaains a lot of lace!

-ALSO not really fashion related, but my copy of Disconnect came *3*!


I'm a HUGE fan of the artist and I contributed some guest art for the print version~

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September 30, 2009


SO. I ordered a kick ass wig from Cyperous- for the record, here's my ugly mug without it


Excessive camwhoring/review past the jump if I can get this thing to work D:






Anyway here's the link to the wig on Cyperous's  site:

Came exactly as pictured, and with two hair nets and a matching wig cap :D

What can I say- I love ittttt!  It's longer then my old wig but it's MUCH less tangly and it has a nice luster to it- not dull but not the super reflective fake party store wig quality either~   It's also really easy to style because it's smooth- I could just twist and clip sections without getting my hands caught in knots and I've heard they'll bounce right back after minor teasing (hahaha I must admit I'll need to work up my courage a bit before i try that) also if I was so inclined, these wigs are heat resistant so I could curl it more or straighten it out using hot water.I was a little afraid it would be too small for my head (because the old wig was) but it's fine~ so unless you have an extremily big head you should be fine xDD Also for an extra fee they can actually make the wig a little bigger so if you have really long hair or just a large noggin, they've got you covered!

Verdict? These wigs have a great reputation already in the cosplay community and I can see why!  I think they look really realistic (from my wig and from other people's pictures that I've seen) and I think it's absolutely worth the price, but if you buy one I'd suggest you hop on a group order like I did! Shipping is killer Dx

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