July 31, 2010

Bleeding onto other blogs

Hahaha nothing I can really share right now,

but things are kind of moving crazy fast for me at the moment, I'll share once I have something solid to show you guys<333333 (and when I have time :'D)

ANYWAY about the blog bleeding part- I recently took a class with an amazing milliner, Jasmin Zorlu ( http://www.jasminzorlu.com/ )

she posted some shots from the class here:

hahaha you can see the hat I made at the link above, but here's some clearer pics on my new foam head :'D



It's made from crinoline, feathers and netting

also I made a new hat and accessories for the Red Sky at Night party

(sadly the dress i wanted to buy was sold out so I wore my meta JSK and couldn't enter the outfit competition Dx)




I was really happy because a lot of people liked it and asked how I made it <3
I"ll post a tutorial on here later and on sew_loli once I have the time~

honestly my photos of the event and my outfit sucked! my camera was acting up for some reason that night!

however there better photos at looooo's blog : http://kalamarikastle.com/?p=259
(ahhh! I was really suprised a closeup of my hat was part of the main post ;___;)

anyway I took a breather the next day and went to tea with my friend Julia <3



The place was called 'Teas the Season' and is located in down town San Mateo- it's not quite as good as Crown and Crumpet in SF, but it's a hell of a lot closer for me! Also you can cut costs if you go with a friend and order one pot of tea and then seperate plates of sandwiches/scones/sweets from eachother~ They also have knitting nights (friday) and monthly book club meetings! I want to go knit there but I've been super busy lately. Read More......

July 21, 2010


hahaha lets be honest, I've really been neglecting this thing.

the truth is- I'm super busy! right now i'm working for a local designer in addition to doing tons of other things (hahaha and getting ready for Red Sky At Night) and when I get back to school I'll also be super busy so I won't be able to post


don't expect anymore updates

I might post a pic spam every so often but I'm too busy working with fashion to blog about it! Read More......