August 30, 2009

Dream Dress Syndrome


to combat the ranty-ness of that last entry I thought I'd blog about something that made me really happy~
(again I'd like to apologize the swiftness in which I jumped from introduction to a informative post and then straight to uncoherant ranting! In my defense it was about 3 AM when I decided to word-vomit a rebuttal.)

Maybe it is because of the very nature of lolita fashion, the obsession with fantasy and fancy, the adoration of beautiful impractical things, that what I call the 'dream dress' syndrom is so prominant! 

Now, this isn't a lolita specific thing,  I know bjd owners often have a 'dream doll' they long to purchase, the average fashionista lusts over a pair of shoes she HAS TO HAVE, or with any hobby really, it's natural for people to make shopping lists in their head and have a particular item they quest for. (Ah glorious materialism how I love thee <3)

Anyway, back to the dream dress.  This is a fact; whether she (or he) knows it, every lolita has a dream dress.  This is the dress that maybe introduced them to the style or even fall in love with it, it's the dress that maybe sums up everything they love about lolita in one garment for them-  sometimes it might not even be a dress at all! (insert a JSK from moi meme moitie, a bonnet from tripple fortune, a tail coat from atlier boz or any other item here)

Haha unfortunately for me, what cemented this particular dress as my 'dream dress' recently, was seeing it on egl comm sales for a mere 170$ plus matching headbow and shipping.

Now, I was one of those girls who has a huge folder of dresses, hats, cutsews ect. that we one day hope to purchase (or replicate) eventually, and when ever a post on egl came up asking 'Show me your dream dress girls!' I didn't know how to reply.

But back to realizing it was my dream dress-  my heart beat quickened- my palms grew sweaty- I spazzed on aim to whoever happened to be online that OMG this dress was on sale what do I do?!  ( I would like to quote a choice couple of sentences from Kamikaze Girls here, but alas my copy is at home.  Novala, you might be a slightly creepy japanese dude, but you know the inner workings of a maiden's heart!)

At 170$, even for a Metamorphose OP which originally retailed at over 300$ (and if you add the shipping costs and the matching headbow, the price could very easily tip into the upper 400's) it is the largest lolita purchase I have yet to make- at a time when I know I'll be short of money anyway. (and yes, I am afraid I'll be living off of plain noodles ... with more noodles for quite a while)

After two days of completely irrational anxiety ( refreshing the sales page every 10 min. to see if there had been any offers so far- CHECK) I finally broke down and asked the seller to hold it a couple of days so I could purchase it.

Anyways, yesterday it arrived a couple days ago and I didn't know what to expect.  Would I be dissapointed finally holding this dress which I've longed for unknowingly for some time? Would I be completely furfilled and choose not to buy another item of lolita clothing because it couldn't match up to the hype and gorgeousness of this dress?


Can I just say that I am in love?

It's every bit as beautiful in real life as I pictured <3333>

SO my advice is as follows

- if you see your dream dress on sale and you know you're the sort of person who's going to have regrets- get it!

- of course this entails being considerate of your current financial position- last year I wasn't so smart with my bugeting and thus had be pretty thrifty so I wasn't living off of old halloween candy. (OH WAIT...)  

- So I suppose the point is, go ahead and indulge yourself but be knowledgable about what you can or cannot do- if you really want something, splurge only if you can deal with the concequences!  The saddest thing would be buying your dream dress only to sell it off soon after because you couldn't afford your rent/food/other nessecity.  

It might sound like I'm trying to act like your mom, but I know mine would say something like 'Devote your money to important things first!' That is certainly the reasonable approach, but if you love lolita, I feel that a love of a little bit of impracticality comes along for the ride!

And for gods sake if you buy that dress- wear it!  Confidence will only make you more beautiful<3


  1. yuuup... I splurged $300 on my dream dress back in the day... It was my first gothloli dress, a black velveteen dress by Victorian Maiden, and I still treasure it to this day.

  2. Hahaha velveteen seems to be good dream dress material 8]~

  3. Oh my gosh you look soooo cute in it! Especially with your green hair! Is that Meta? Because for a very long time my dream dress was a nearly identical dress, only in black velvet, I always thought it was Innocent World.

  4. Thankyou~ yeah it's meta! I've seen the black one on sale awhile ago by decadent dolls/panteria, maybe that's where you saw it?

  5. That dress is a gorgeous piece of Metamorphose history and it looks awesome on you.
    I'm so glad I found your blog here btw, I am following you! :)

  6. omg can I just spaz a little? You're one of my style idols *3*~~~~~
    needless to say, following you too!