December 8, 2009

Another hair dye review...

I was going blonde for awhile so I decided to try out a new dye-

Brand: Punky Color
Color: Alpine Green

Eventhough I've been going for a bright green lately, I wanted to try something diffent-
in the container it pretty much looks like dark green acrylic paint with a hint of blue.

Off the bat it was true to the dye in the container- but now about a week later it looks more blue then anything else!
I really like the color (haha but not on my hair) but I've been getting a lot of comments on it - 'Oooh your hair looks like a peacock!' and 'If Jesus dyed his hair, that's what color he would dye it'
.... thanks? XD I guess that's a pretty high compliment?!

anyway, via shitty webcam, here's what it looks like now:


Because of the yellow lighting, it looks more greenish, but it's really kind of a bright turquoise~ (And of course that streak I left bleached has slowly gradated...)
NOTE: the museum of death ticket- AWWW YEAHHHH

ERmmm it looks like I fucked up the html somehow and that second photo is hidden unless you click the 'read more' link at the bottom or you click to make a comment.

Although it hasn't really faded- it's turning progressively blue. By the way it dyed my bathroom, it should have a decent hold on my hair... @__@ Rinsing my hair with a cup of vinigar the first time after dying it like my friend suggested, helped hold the color in really well last time, so of course I've continued doing it.

In other news I finished a commission for someone~


I was really happy to work with her again~ She was a previous customer who liked the hat I made her and decided to commission me again >3!!!

She emailed me a bunch of photos (Oh I want the veil like this: and it would be nice if you had these feathers: but really just use your judgement) as well as a photo of the dress she wanted to wear it with- SO I pretty much got free reign and it (imho) turned out really nicely <3

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December 7, 2009

Two art shows<3

WHEW last weekend was a busy one!
It's almost finals time-
good news? Counting down less then two weeks 'till winter break-
bad news? SO. MUCH. WORK.

Undaunted, last weekend I took some time off from patterns and ect. to go to the Induced Epidemic exhibition put on by Haute Macabre.
(event info here:

SADLY my ghettotastic camera is far to delicate to take out of the house anymore (current usage? taking pictures of sketches and outfit shots ):), so I don't have any pictures. Anyway, I like to arrive fairly early to things so I got there at 8 sharp- I heard a lot of people showed, but when I was there, it seemed to just be the event coordinators, artists and those who knew them. This was really cool and all but I was just shuffling around checking out the artwork.
(who? me? Ah, no I don't have any work up... so i see everyone else came in a group? That's nice they all know eachother- ah I'm under age, trust me, I'd take the wine if I was allowed)
It's the 'chaos gallery' is pretty much a small room, but the artwork was really intresting. One piece that caught my eye was a series of felted bunny heads that progressively mutated<3

After scrutinizing the exhibition, I headed next door to the Museum of Death. It's small, but much bigger then it looks from the outside, and it's packed with all sorts of interesting artifacts. If you're intrested in the grotesque and macabre, or simply the sort of person who's immune to /b/ and subscribes to wtf_inc, you'd enjoy it. However, some photos (and a preserved head) are fairly graphic, so if you have a weak stomach I'd either be careful what I looked at, or avoid it.

The price of admission to the museum was 15$ (the exhibit was free) and completely worth it to me- I'd also like to note that the museum staff were super nice and friendly :]

On sunday I ended up going to my model drawing teacher's exhibition. It turned out it wasn't only him, but another Otis graduate displaying. It's kind of odd seeing your teacher out of a school context, but as a working professional as well.

His art is super cool so you should check out his website too:

Unrelated- but I hope you guys had a nice loliday! I was busy running around down town LA, so I didn't dress up, but shit happens, you know?

Also, don't stress out too hard on your finals- bake some brownies!

the title doesn't lie- they ARE the best brownies you'll ever eat- and further more, they're super easy to make, and don't include a ton of ingredients you'll never use again :] If you don't have a mixer, I just used a fork to beat the batter and it came out fine.

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