September 21, 2009

Reviews pending~

A bit of a minipost right here becauseI have quite a bit of work to get done for tomorrow (Thank heavens for noon classes! I'd die if I had an 8 AM tomorrow!), but I managed to have some *ghasp* extra money this month from doing commissions, and decided to splurge at sock dreams-  if you refer to that socks post a couple entries down, I ordered the black x gold trouser socks and a couple things for my halloween costume :D

Of course I'll give pictures and review when it comes!

Also, just a word of warning, for those of you looking to purchase fake hair or dread falls, STAY AWAY FROM JADED DREADS -  I ordered from them 7 months ago and they finally sent me my stuff!  I gave them my home address this time because honestly I was expecting them to drag on another 7 months.  I am happy that they've decided to improve their customer service lately (which honestly isn't saying much seeing as previously it was literally nonexistant), but I'll try to give a nonbaised review when I can go get them on break.

I'm not saying that Jaded Dreads are total scammers (well technically I don't know, maybe there's a  pebble in that box or something lololol)  but they dissapeared with a chunk of my money for quite a while with no communication whatsoever and didn't respond to the multiple emails/myspace messages which I worded politely. (and one which I wasn't so polite in :B)  Finally after a snarky myspace reply to the notice that they were having a sale, I got a response...  and then nothing to confirm that they took note to the new address, but my mom called and confirmed they'd gotten the package, so I suppose that's fine.  

However I do have friends who have ordered stuff from them before me and still haven't gotten their products, so just make sure to research sellers before you commit! If I'd googled jaded dreads before paying, I could have saved myself a lot of grief and nail biting.

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  1. I know that feeling! I have given up on a corset I bought back in March from The Fainting Room. If only I'd bothered doing a bit of google searching! Glad you finally got your stuff though!