September 3, 2009

omg socks

Some girls are shoe girls, some girls are purse girls...

I like socks.

Don't get me wrong, if I see a sufficiently drool-worthy pair of platforms or a fabulous clutch I'll lust over it all the same, but socks are my true obsession.

I have estimated that all of my socks, tights, leggings, and similarly related paraphenilia make up at least a fourth of my wardrobe. Right now, they take up approximately 1.5 drawers of my dresser, and there's more at home.

(in case you were wondering,  yes I am wearing tights right now- dark blue with silver threads mixed in from Express)

Anyway I was looking for appropriate leg wear for my halloween costume today and decided to pay a visit to   The result of course, was a wishlist miles long...

despite the descriptions of the products sounding eerily like the the errr describer having a huge sock fetish, this is probably one of my favorite shopping sites.

mmmmm sock garters... with o-rings! I don't think I'd let myself be lead around on a leash like that, but it certainly add a bit of an edge (and jingle!) to an outfit~

Do I even need to say how perfect these are? I'm itching to buy this in black x gold *3* Perfect for lolita, ouji (haha it might be a stretch but I could see it working!), rococo inspired visual kei, steam punk and everything else~

Not going to lie, I will probably end up getting these for the free thermometer hair clip included.

These make no sense what so ever but I NEED them for layering D:

Lovely *____* The lace detail is super adorable~

Okay, I already own this in paprika (lol) but seriously- best. tights. ever. They're completely opaque, soft, warm and snag resistant~ (need white + black + cream + all other colors plz)

Yes I am tacky.

I can not tell you how many awesome vk/punk coordinations I've seen use these!

Okay, yeah it looks stupid at first, but after I saw these I kept seeing situations in which these would be REALLY usefull

In case you didn't know, I love polkadots. Black x white and white x black plz!

huh you wouldn't really think of socks as something that could empty your wallet but I guess it really adds up :'D

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  1. I'm so addicted to Sock Dreams! Socks and tights are taking over most of my dresser space as well!

    Great blog BTW, I found it while browsing around for other Lolita bloggers, I've linked you if you don't mind.

  2. Thanks~ linking me is fine xD

    hahaha recently my dentist asked me where I got my tights I refered her to sockdreams- I'm looking forward to the next appointment to see if I've created another addict :'D

  3. Omg, I hate you. XD [Not really, I actually love you for showing me this site.]

    I too am a sock-a-holic. My socks/tights/other legwear take up four drawers in my dresses and I refuse to get rid of any, holes or no. But this website is absolutely beautiful. There are so many tights and such that I've been wanting for a while, and now I know exactly where to get them! [Especially those stupid vertical striped socks I've been lusting after. xD]

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this godly thing. xD <3