September 10, 2009

Hair dye!


I'm not sure at all how relevant this is going to be to the rest of you but I recently redyed my hair :D

Over the years I've had literally every color in the rainbow in my hair, and so far I've exparmented with green hairdye using three diffrent kinds-


Brand: Manic Panic

Color: Electric Lizard, amplified formula

Results: Came out streaky yellowish green and not bright at all- I even dyed twice and I still didn't get results I was happy with! Dye faded out into a yucky brown-green within a week.  In Manic Panic's defense, my hair was aznblonde (aka that orangy color asians get when they bleach their hair half assed)  and it was left over from a previous dyejob that had faded.  However, I've had this problem when I had prebleached so I haven't really had a good experience with the brand ):


Brand: Splat

Color: Neon Green 

Results: I know it looks like seafoam green but it was more of a super bright blue toned green. I was definately happier then I was with the manic panic dye, but the color was much lighter then I was expecting it. (Splat works decently for all the other colors considering there's no reference photo on the box... just models with badly photoshopped hair!)  The color was completely faded in the back to blonde and brown in under three weeks.   (umm plus side is it comes with bleach?)


Brand: Special Effects

Color: Iguana Green

Review: I was kind of weary of it because in the past I've always gotten better results from dyes which you have to mix beforehand.  Also when I applied it I was expecting the color to be quite streaky because my hair wasn't evenly bleached- when I washed it out suprise suprise! A dark rich true green! So far I haven't seen any fading (well honestly it's been less then a week so I'll keep you guys updated) and I get tones of compliments on my hair :]  Even some areas that were dyed dark brown before turned green- also it didn't fry my hair at all! Do I even need to say I'm super happy with it? 

note: Another green hair dye I've heard is popular is punky professional's Apple Green- I haven't tried it out yet but maybe in the future... I've heard people like this because the product looks less like dino snot then special effect's product.

I still don't see why looking like dinosnot is a negative ):


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  1. Awesome, your green hair looks incredible! It's just so green! Most green hair I've seen tends to look gross and brownish.

  2. I love special effects, it seems to work the best I find! o:

    And as for Punky Professional? I think I tried it once in purple and it was quite awesome. When I first dyed it I was so happy because it smelt like Kool-Aid. It was awesome! xD I don't remember how long it lasted, but I'm pretty sure it dyed well over my hair. [It was a bleached chunk I've had for a while and before it was Manic Panic red, but turned pink, and I'm pretty sure Punky covered it nicely.]

  3. Love it!
    I really love green hair, you are brave and bold, one day I will get my act together and dye my hair like this - an entire rainbow of awesome yummy hair colors