September 8, 2009


A new fashion craze is sweeping the lolitas!

Even among a fashion where the wierd and the wonderful are both viable options for head wear- this new bizarre trend is...


That's right ladies. Ducks. So stick a duck on your head and head over and submit a pic over here

She explains it better than I ever could, so basically it's a project in the spirit of this glorious post that toujourspret made to EGL way back in 07.

I mean we need more of those inspirational kinds of posts instead of melodramatic teal deer bawwing without understanding the facts.

Before you get your bloomers in a knot let me say this,  I'll be the first one to admit that back in the day when I was starting out lolita if lolita fucks had been in existance at that time, I probably would have been a regular on there. Not posting there, but being posted on there.  In fact eventhough I have never considered myself one of the 'e-famous' or rather 'e-infamous' girls, my pictures have pretty much made the rounds of any relevant fuck/wank comm and even a couple non related ones.   Some times it's been justified and other times it was obvious delicious vendetta omnomnom.  I've even had anon trolling on my old account on unlocked entries.

ANYWAY what I'm trying to say is young lolitas,  if you get posted to a fucks/drama/snark comm, don't dispare. We've all been there.  And before you go crying off about it remember it wont make you any more popular and go ahead and re-read the ducks post.  I know sometimes it's terribly difficult to distinguish snarking on your outfit from snarking about you personally, but take it nicely, don't run in defending your self, don't run away to a diffrent account, don't flounce dramatically.  We may seem like bitches but all we want you to do is maybe adjust that duck on your head a bit because you have it on backwards, and then we can all go to a tea party together, or catch a movie, or play mini golf, or what ever it is frilly girls with ducks on their heads do.


Wear your duck proudly girls!

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