September 26, 2009

Sock dreams review!

Honestly I've never heard a review of that wasn't positive.  Their communication is good, offers free tracking (although this  may be due to the size of my order), shipping is prompt (recieved my items in less then a week even with the free shipping!) and their selection is quite extensive.

anyway first up:


red x white striped socks 

What Sockdreams says: Soft and stretchy, these stay up well and look great doing it. More sock-like than nylon-like. Leg Avenue label. One size fits most 90-160 lbs. Women's shoe sizes 6-10. They seem to be more of an over the knee on larger legs. Also worked great as a cuffed knee high on our tester with a 19inch calf.

What I say: A good opaque striped sock- I wanted to get these because it provides a bit more cushioning then tights, also I like the look of socks better in this case.  However, on my calves (16 inches at the widest point) the socks are stretching enough to show a bit of the elastic in the fabric.  It's not too visible, but I thought I would point it out.  Also I'm a shoe size 9 and the 'feet' just fit, it shouldn'treally a big issue though unless you're wearing footwear that would show this.  For reference, I'm wearing the left sock cuffed to knee high, and the right one as an OTK eventhough it's difficult to see.

nurse sock garters

What Sockdreams says: Are you a nurse or a candy striper? Maybe you just want to dress up like one for fun... If so, these are a perfect finishing touch for your outfit! Sold by the pair with cute little matching thermometer barrettes.Medium to large, up to 20 inches. They have two red snaps to adjust width.

What I say: I've said it before, and I'll say it again- it's the thermometer hair clips that won me over :B  (pictured clipped onto the left sock garter),  yes, if not obvious I have a weakness for cute relatively useless things that I don't need D:  The sock garters them selves are as pictured, cute, and the adjustable snaps make it so you can wear it on your thighs or around your calves.  Constructionwise, they decorations are just glued on which was a dissapointing, however there's no globs of hot glue visible, so it's all cool. All in all I'd say they weren't the 24$, but they're cute and serve their purpose.


(shoes pictured are from Naturalizer and ring was bought in Santee Alley)

Trouser socks  

What Sockdream says: Floral lace pattern from the tops of the feet to just below the cuff. Beautifully hand-screen printed with no overlaps or gaps in the pattern. These look amazing with a skirt and your prettiest shoes. Made in the USA. Tube style socks which will fit most feet and will look best on women's shoe sizes 6-10.5 
Maximum top stretch 17.5 inches.

What I say: These are everybit as gorgeous in real life as they look on your screen *3*~ Also I guess I made a good decision to buy them when I did because the blackxgold is sold out! (haha I think I got the last pair~ I'm sure they'll restock eventually though)  White x black looks just as lovely and probably more versatile.  Again, the max measurements sock dreams gives are a bit generous.  I probably wouldn't go over a 9.5 in shoe size, because with my size 9 feet combined with my calves, the socks already fall a bit shorter then I'd like.  Also, there is some minor crackling in the screen print near the top that I feel like would be visible if your calves were the max 17.5 inches.  

The final say: Sockdreams ships quickly and delivers true to photo.  Although some of the prices on the items listed as 'hand made' or 'made specially for sock dreams' are a bit high, if you don't have the knowlege/knowhow to construct certain things or want something unique but don't have the time to make it your self, I'd say go for it.  Also, when ordering if the stretching of a print bothers you I'd definately err on the smaller side of max measurements given by them.

Shipping: 5/5

Customer Service: 5/5

Quality: 4/5

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