October 31, 2009

Back and other unrelatedness

Ugh it's been SO LONG without an update...

Anyway my laptop died a couple weeks ago and I just bought a replacement in the last couple of days- I've been pretty busy with school too though.
Of course I have a bunch of stuff to post, and I was about to do a series of posts that were halloween themed, but the material I had was on the old laptop so... perhaps next year :'D
Also I removed the Doe Deere/Lime Crime blog from the blog roll because it seems like Xenia is deep in some shady business indeed. haha if you didn't feel like reading through the links, basically theres a substantial amount of evidence that Lime Crime is just repackaging ready made eyeshadow and marking it up OVER 9000 DOLLARS :'D
of course I don't know any of this 'first hand' because I'm not too into makeup and haven't ordered any of her products before, but I figured I'd give a warning to people who were thinking about purchasing from her :] It seems like a lot of times there are scammers who are fairly well known in bjd fandom/makeup/ some other community that are able to get away with stuff simply because most lolitas aren't part of those other communities and don't recognize them.

SO asside from that shiz- who else is going out for halloween? I sewed up my costume a couple weeks ago so I should have some pretty decent photos later :]


  1. Whoaa I had no idea about Lime Crime. I was never really a fan because the only eyeshadow I use is Urban Decay's Perversion XD I read through some of the links, and wow, totally lame of her.

  2. Yeah, I found out about it a couple days ago on a bad makeup community. I followed that chick since her original Lime Crime site (when it wasn't about candyfuture and buying lipsticks plz), so I was pretty shocked. And pissed since I bought her overpriced eyeshadow.