November 20, 2009

Bats & Cats

SO I didn't end up going to the fashion show on Saturday (had a fun filled time with some of my friends who came down to LA for the weekend instead~ I LOVE YOU GUYS<3!!!)

but I did make it to the goth party at royal tea on Friday :]

What I wore:
Photobucket Photobucket
Blouse: goodwill
Skirt: F+F
Boots: Muro
Head thing: hand made Photobucket the only part of the exhibit that showed up on my super ghetto camera- hahaha I can tell people Lady Gaga was at this too then, right? :'D Photobucket
There's no point in entering a costume contest if Julie's participating :'D (lol this is one of the few snaps of the night that actually came out D:)

And a full body snap that doesn't involve my messy messy room, thanks to Julie~

Sheyne and her boy looking fabulous as always~ Photobucket
Royal Tea was packed- I wish my photos of the line had come out better! Photobucket The Wandering Marionettes- when they walked in I heard a lot of people going 'OMG ARE THOSE THE JABBAWOCKEEZ????! :'D Anyway their costumes were really cool and their dance looked awesomeee~ (sadly I was to the side and didn't get the full effect ;3;~) Photobucket
Part of the special Hello Kitty menu... couldn't resist ;3;~

ANYWAY if you want to see more outfit snaps check out

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  1. Hello! Just a passer-by :3.
    How neat! I wanted to go to that event as well. It looks like it was an awesome night!

  2. Julie's outfits are always so cute. >_<