November 13, 2009


Honestly I've been putting off the catch up post for a while since there's so much to catch up on D:

ANYWAY in order of oldest to newest things

halloween costume-



(dress by meta- apron + hat by me)

Also, here's my mid term



Honestly the designs are boring, so I just zoomed in on the fashion figures...
speaking of fashion figures, I just finished this weeks illustration project- we were pretty much given only the constraints of 'it has to have 'shine',
and womens swimsuit back and side pose, so I did two suits inspired by french graffitti artist Fafi~ I think it turned out pretty well
but I'll let you guys know what the teacher thinks :'D
(for reference on my mid term I got a B- / C+ - Yikes!)

Last weekend i didn't attend the tea party, but I did go to PMX-


(dress by meta, blouse + boots from goodwill, crown by me)
so now in school I'm like this-


(taken by a classmate- unfortunately photo was not staged ):)

So that's about it, other then practicing fashion heads from diffrent fashion illustrators

Whew- that wasn't so bad~ I'll probably have a bunch to post after this weekend filled with bats, cats and a fashion show~!

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