October 2, 2009

Fuck yeah fridays

PRETTY MUCH like 'Things I love Thursdays' except for it being one day late and involving more 4 letter words :]

(haha real reason it's not on thursday? I'm usually pulling an all nighter for fashion illustration on Friday)

Anyway here we go-

- High fashion photo shoot meets... gundams. Do you get it? Nope? Don't worry- neither do I, but the photography is quite nice.

- Alice Auaa now available at Marui One!

- Supperate System now offering 10500 yen luckypacks! (Value is estimated at around 20000!)

- Milanoo is having a sale on some of their lolita clothing-  Note- pictures on that site are very obviously stolen, but girls have ordered from there and been happy with the  result.  Personally, I'd just avoid ordering anything that puts a focus on or contaains a lot of lace!

-ALSO not really fashion related, but my copy of Disconnect came *3*!


I'm a HUGE fan of the artist and I contributed some guest art for the print version~

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