July 31, 2010

Bleeding onto other blogs

Hahaha nothing I can really share right now,

but things are kind of moving crazy fast for me at the moment, I'll share once I have something solid to show you guys<333333 (and when I have time :'D)

ANYWAY about the blog bleeding part- I recently took a class with an amazing milliner, Jasmin Zorlu ( http://www.jasminzorlu.com/ )

she posted some shots from the class here:

hahaha you can see the hat I made at the link above, but here's some clearer pics on my new foam head :'D



It's made from crinoline, feathers and netting

also I made a new hat and accessories for the Red Sky at Night party

(sadly the dress i wanted to buy was sold out so I wore my meta JSK and couldn't enter the outfit competition Dx)




I was really happy because a lot of people liked it and asked how I made it <3
I"ll post a tutorial on here later and on sew_loli once I have the time~

honestly my photos of the event and my outfit sucked! my camera was acting up for some reason that night!

however there better photos at looooo's blog : http://kalamarikastle.com/?p=259
(ahhh! I was really suprised a closeup of my hat was part of the main post ;___;)

anyway I took a breather the next day and went to tea with my friend Julia <3



The place was called 'Teas the Season' and is located in down town San Mateo- it's not quite as good as Crown and Crumpet in SF, but it's a hell of a lot closer for me! Also you can cut costs if you go with a friend and order one pot of tea and then seperate plates of sandwiches/scones/sweets from eachother~ They also have knitting nights (friday) and monthly book club meetings! I want to go knit there but I've been super busy lately.

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  1. I love the big hat you made! It's soooo awesome. The skull and crossbone on the side are just too cute. Also, you looked totally awesome in that outfit you wore (not that I was there XD I just saw pictures!)